Using this tool is fairly easy.

  1. Adjust settings as you see fit
  2. Click "Update autoexec". You'll see text fill into the text field below.
  3. Manually add stuff you feel should be there (I've tried gathering together most if not all of the most important settings here)
  4. Click "Download autoexec". Your browser should prompt for save/run/open a file named autoexec.cfg
  5. Place the file in your CS:GO cfg folder (...\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg)

  • Rates
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Mouse
  • Misc
  • HUD
  • Keybinds - buy
  • Radar

Below is "default" rates. Use them as a guideline, and modify as you see fit.

Remember, matchmaking servers are 64 tick, so if you play soley on MM, this is not going to have a major impact on your gameplay. It makes sense to have the best possible configurations as default for the times when you do decide to play on high-end servers.

CMD rate
Update Rate
Interp Ratio
Lag compensation (serverside)


Voice Enable

Voice Scale
Windows Speaker Config
-1 = automatically pick best
1 = headset
2 = #yolo dunno
3 = 4xSpeakers
4 = stereo speakers
6 = 5.1 sound
Music Volume
Sound Delay
Headphone pan exponent
Headphone pan radial
Legacy surround

Mute game when in windows

Voice chat in lobby


Monitor Gamma
Video processing queue mode (multi core rendering, leave on -1 unless you know what you are doing)
Vertical Sync

FPS max
FPS max in menus)

Draw Tracers in first person mode

Draw particles


Zoom sensitivity (the amount your sense is amplified when zooming in with awp/scout)

Use Raw Input for mouse input.

Custom mouse acceleration:
Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement).
Windows mouse acceleration secondary threshold (4x movement).


Developer (must be enabled to get effect from a few of the commands below)

Ingame Console

Filter effect. 1 removes EVERYTHING apart from what is caught by the filter. 2 Highlights the stuff caught by the filter, and keeps everything else as is.
Filter setting 1

Filter setting 2

Steam notifications position (bottom/top + right/left)

Dont show community server messages

Max ping when looking for matchmaking server
Comma delimited list of ip:port of servers used to search for dedicated servers: (leave empty for gods sake, unless you know what you are doing)

Basic game instructions

Toggle duck?

Toggle walk?

Whether we should force preloading.

Downloadfilter (all / nosounds / none)

Disable HTML Message-of-the-Day

Automatic help

Show help

Disable freeze cam

Show teammates color

Automatically switch to better weapon if picked up

"E" opens buy menu

Close buymenu every time you purchase something

Take a screenshot of scoreboard after every game


HUD scale
Show target ID

Remove most of the hud apart from death notices (this is a DEMO UI thing, i.e its effect is only visible when watching a demo. You'll use this for cleaner recordings)


Show loadout

Show detailed information about your postion (coordinates) and velocity

Show your FPS (unchecked = 0, checked = 1, manually set this to 2, 3 or 4 if you really know what you are doing)

Net Graph (unchecked = 0, checked = 1, manually set this to 2, 3 or 4 if you really know what you are doing)

Scale Net Graph font size with the size of your net graph

The following settings relate to what your gun looks like to you (i.e how big it is on YOUR screen)

Starting position
Field of View
Offset X
Offset Y
Offset Z
When shooting, gun movement to left
When shooting, gun movement to right
Bobcycle (0.98 is enforced ALL MM servers, and all leagues)
Bob (lower limit)
Bob - lat
Bob - vert


For now I've only set up keybinding on the numpad, other keybindings you'll have to do manually

Below is a list you can use for references (i.e if you want to keybind buying the Scout, you need to use its "console name", ssg08)


  • Scout (ssg08)
  • Galil (galilar)
  • Famas (famas)
  • SG550 (sg550)
  • AUG (aug)
  • M4 (m4a1)
  • AK47 (ak47)
  • T Auto Sniper (g3sg1)
  • CT Auto Sniper (scar20)
  • AWP (awp)


  • Mac 10 (mac10)
  • UMP (ump45)
  • P90 (p90)
  • Bizon (bizon)
  • MP7 (mp7)
  • MP9 (mp9)


  • Auto

    Shotgun (xm1014)

  • Mag7 (mag7)
  • Sawed Off Shotgun (sawedoff)
  • Nova Shotgun (nova)
  • M249 (m249)
  • Negev (negev)


  • 228 Compact (p228)
  • Glock (glock)
  • Dual Elites (elite)
  • Five Seven (fiveseven)
  • Desert Eagle (deagle)
  • Tec9 (tec9)
  • HKP2000 (hkp2000)
  • P250/CZ75-Auto (p250) <-- Yes, they both use p250 as name.

Grenades & Gear

  • Incendiary Grenade (incgrenade)
  • Flashbang (flashbang)
  • Smoke (smokegrenade)
  • HE Grenade (hegrenade)
  • Molotov (molotov)
  • Decoy (decoy)
  • Kevlar (kevlar)
  • Kevlar+Helmet (vesthelm)
  • Zeus x27 (taser)
  • Defuse Kit (defuser)


Always Centered


Icon Scale (icons is your teammates, the bomb, etc)